Patterns Everywhere!

pattern 5pattern 3pattern 2patternYellow Class have really enjoyed exploring and learning about pattern. We started by copying and continuing patterns, then we had a go at making our own. The most fun was looking at photos of patterns around the school and going on a pattern hunt! We found them all eventually, in the strangest places!

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Making some noise!

In Blue class, we have been exploring and creating different types of sounds. We have been discovering which musical instruments make soft sounds and which make loud sounds. We have been making our own musical instruments, including drums and investigating what happens when we exert different amounts of force on them. We have been making requests to stop and start music.

We enjoyed taking part in our class assembly and watching back our performances!

20201111_140445 20201111_143030 20201110_113649

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Little Musicians

Our students in Orange Class have been exploring the theme ‘Sound’.

Our Focus:

  • To associate sounds with their source.
  • To participate in making sounds using a wide variety of homemade and manufactured instruments.
  • To participate in experimenting with different ways in which instruments can be played.
  • To show interest in and imitate a variety of ways of playing instruments.

We looked at instruments that make a loud sound, such as the accordion and the saxophone. We also explored instruments that make a high pitched sound, such as the tuning forks. We also felt the vibrations of the tuning forks against the resonance board.

Screenshot_20201118-123836~2Screenshot_20201118-123645~2 Screenshot_20201118-123614~2 Screenshot_20201118-123749~2Screenshot_20201118-123626~2Screenshot_20201118-123334~2Screenshot_20201118-123802~2Screenshot_20201118-124037~2Screenshot_20201118-124002~2Screenshot_20201118-123659~2Screenshot_20201118-123819~2

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Autumn Clean Up!

White class love their playtimes on the yard. We play football, basketball and badminton. However, Autumn leaves make for a slippy and messy yard, so as part of their Junior Cycle the class took on a very worthwhile task of caring for their immediate environment- the school environment, and tidied up the leaves in the yard.   They swept, gathered and disposed of the fallen leaves. All took pride in the work they had done and were delighted to receive Star Pupil certificates for their hard work. Well done White Class.                   (L1LP 4.29 Participate in the care of the immediate and local environment)

Autumn Clean up - 20 of 23Autumn Clean up - 23 of 23Autumn Clean up - 19 of 23

Autumn Clean up - 6 of 23
Autumn Clean up - 9 of 23
Autumn Clean up - 5 of 23

Autumn Clean up - 2 of 23Autumn Clean up - 10 of 23Autumn Clean up - 22 of 23Autumn Clean up - 1 of 23Autumn Clean up - 17 of 23Autumn Clean up - 16 of 23

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Super Students in Silver

Students in silver class enjoyed using their project core boards to expressively communicate things they “like” by pointing to the like symbol. Some of the things we like include swimming, the beach, horse riding, Angelina Ballerina and of course CHCOLATE!!!










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IMG_3007We had fun learning about making choices for Communication and language 1.14 – clearly indicate preferred objects. Personal care and wellbeing – 3.12 – Show preferences for foods and 3.18 – Participate in making healthy snacks.

We decided to use apples and top them with our choice of chocolate and toppings – nuts/sprinkles or coconut!…some students even selected 2 options.

Great sensory learning in Pink class.


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Newsletter – October 20

Our October Newsletter is now available:

Newsletter October 20

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Covid-19 Policy Statement

Covid-19 Policy Statement

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Keeping the school safely open during Covid19

Dear Parents and staff,
Please keep up to date with our response plan which is being continually updated.

Covid-19-Response-Plan-2 Updated 14th Sept 2020

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School Admission Policy

Admissions-policy Final Sept 2020

Admissions to St. Cecilia’s for the 2021/2022 school year will open in October 2020. Please read our school admission policy at the link above.

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Updated Covid-19 Response Plan

Dear Parents and staff,

Please see below our specific plan for school reopening. We look forward to seeing all of our students again.

Kind regards

Éilis Dillon

School PrincipalCovid-19-Response-Plan-2 (1)

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Critical Incident Draft Policy May 2020

Critical Incident Plan May 2020Please read this policy which has been revised

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July Summer Programme

Dear Parents and guardians,
The Department of Education and Skills have announced three schemes for July. It is our intention to continue with the Health led strand which has been in operation in the school since the middle of April. For parents who wish to proceed with Home Based Support please register your interest on this website.

I can be contacted on 0719177907 or for further information or any help you may require.

Kind Regards
Éilis Dillon
Roll Number: 19206B

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Middletown Centre

Middletown has a series of webinars coming up over the coming weeks some of which may be of interest to you.



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Admissions Policy

Admissions-policy 27th April 2020 d3

Dear Parents and Staff,

The Minister for Education and Skills has drafted new legislation for all schools on admissions to school which will take effect from October 2020. See above the draft for St. Cecilia’s School. All comments are welcome – you can email me at or telephone 0719177907

Regards Éilis Dillon

School Principal

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