Actively Engaged

13C38154-CC99-41AF-9C95-A2BF300112F8Black Class hit the ground running this term. We have upped our exercise game!!  We have worked hard during circuit teaching for our L1LPs and visited the outdoor gym in Collooney and got the tandem and tricycles out to keep our cardiovascular fitness up.

Movement skills (athletics and gymnastics)

6.3  Move purposefully with intent.

6.4 Develop consistent movements to have an effect on equipment.




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Caught orange handed!

Blue class have been busy learning about different people in society that can help us.

We have also been learning about our own bodies in Blue Class. We have been working hard on our balance, kicking and throwing during PE. We make sure that we are following our schedules so we know what our next lesson is and when our breaks are!

We have being using our bodies in music and art. We used our hands to make hand print masterpieces!

image2 image1

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Creativity is Messy and We Are Very Creative!

Orange Class have been so busy engaging with exciting tactile and sensory experiences! We have been exploring the world around us by using all of our senses when playing with homemade playdough, vanilla scented gloop, jelly, shaving foam, sudsy-water, coloured ice and mixing paint.

Through play, we have been working on cause-and-effect, fine motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, mark-making and the importance of process over product!

Most importantly, we are having fun 🙂IMG_4569 IMG_4428 download (2) IMG_4457 download IMG_4465 IMG_4584 download (1) IMG_4561IMG_4552 (2)

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Please Support

A fundraiser on behalf of St Cecilia’s is being held this Sunday 15th September in memory of  Tony Scanlon. We would like to thank the organizers for all their support. You can hear more from Tony’s family here..

The most horrendous thing ever – Mother reflects on son’s suicide 8 years on

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E booking – Personal care and wellbeing

Navy class worked on producing a book called “I can…” this term.  We focused on the element of self awareness:

3.2 Show awareness of self in the immediate/wider environment.

3.3 Recognise their own features as being unique to them

3.4 Demonstrate awareness of their own abilities and skills such as self help

3.5 Exhibit perseverance and the motivation to develop and improve abilities ans skills.

Our e book was a great way to show our learning to our families on see saw.  Head over to Facebook to check them out or click on the link below.

I can

IMG_5213 IMG_5211

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Newsletter June 19

Newsletter – June 19

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Down on the farm!

Recently Orange class visited Woodville petting farm.  We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet hens, ducks, peacocks, sheep, lamas and cows.  The lovely staff introduced us to their newest arrivals (chicks and lambs) and we were able to pet the them.   But our favourite animal was definitely the noisy donkey! We had a lovely walk around the picturesque environment and enjoyed the smells including wild garlic, daisies and wild flowers.IMG_20190507_103831219 IMG_20190507_104922216 IMG_20190507_105847742 IMG_20190507_104011512 IMG_20190507_104017672 IMG_20190507_105914536 IMG_20190507_104837854 IMG_20190507_103900071 IMG_20190507_103635083

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Notification re Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment

Notification Child Safeguarding Statement 29/05/2019

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Giddy up!

Purple class are really enjoying going horse riding – for some of us it is our first time on a horse and some of us are pros at this stage. It’s very exciting and we would love if we never had to get down off the horses! 20190412_101849 20190412_103510 20190412_104413 20190412_104535 20190412_104538

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Numeracy Madness

Pink class students focused on Number last term . Our level 1 students were becoming fluent ordering the numbers and Numicon pieces to 10. They then moved on to recognizing the numbers 11-15 and making the numbers using the Numicon pieces.

D2170FDD-9B38-4F80-B993-8AFD8FB8E9CD BF5D4659-A9AF-4BF3-858C-A30F6E0B5DF2 D11B5C1D-A52B-4608-A3F7-1DAC35496652 195BFE88-2D0F-4579-A0A4-C5BA542E98F7





















Our level 2 students worked on place value . Here they are using 10 frames demonstrate place value.

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Where are we?

IMG_1537We have travelled around Sligo to find the best playground. They all have their good points, but overall we like Ballisodare best!
but the qIMG_6497IMG_1868uestion is, can you guessIMG_1929 where we are?

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All Grow!!

IMG_0979IMG_0978IMG_0975We have been learning all about growing this term. we have visited the garden centre and bought seeds. we then planted them in our classroom, and we have been watering them and minding them very carefully over the last few weeks. Yesterday we planted them out in the school flower beds on the senior yard. I wonder how big they will be after Easter!!?

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Busy as bees!

This term we have been focusing on what plants need to grow. We have conducted experiments and the findings show us that plants need water and sunlight to grow. We have also been busy working on numeracy, literacy and getting active on a daily basis to promote good health. We have teamed up with our friends in yellow class for music generation which we have really enjoyed and we have several ed class students who are participating in horse riding sessions each Friday.


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Balancing in Blue

20190227_105503 (1)

20190227_105951 (1)

20190227_105913Or older students in Blue class have been attending the Gymable programme in Dynamo Gym in Colloney over the last 7 weeks. All our students have progressed excellenty and have become proficient at balancing, travelling using hands and feet and learning the new skill of a backward roll and a handstand. Well Done Guys!!

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Art with Anna

Over the last few weeks White class have been participating in the CRAFted Project.  This is a project partly funded by the Arts Council of Ireland and we were lucky enough to be only one of  four schools in Sligo to be selected to participate. Artist Anna Faye has introduced the students to a variety of methods and its been a very experimental experience. We have used many materials and methods over the weeks- collage, hand painting, tie-dying with natural homemade dyes, printing using a silk screen and as can be seen below using a combination of paint, water, oil and heat on canvas. The project runs for another couple of weeks so keep an eye out here for an update on the artwork created.




























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