Return to School Feb 2021 – Updated Covid-19 Response Plan

Dear Parents/Guardians, staff members and school community,

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow:
Please see below our updated Covid-19 Response Plan which should be read by every member of the school community in advance of returning to school.
Covid-19-Response-Plan-Updated Feb 2021

C-19 Policy Statement updated Feb 2021

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Supplementary Programme Information – February 2021

Hi Families,
Please find a link below regarding the supplementary programme for students.

Supplementary Programme – Grant Claim Form 04.02.21 _Revised

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Enrolment for new students is taking place

If you wish that your son/daughter come to St. Cecilia’s beginning in September 2021 then it is time to enrol. Please contact the school on 0719177907 or email to talk to the principal Éilis Dillon. The school admission policy and admission statement are linked below.

Admission Statement

Admissions-policy Final 2020


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School Closure

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As you all know the school is closed and our instructions are to switch to remote learning for now.  Please access our remote learning plan on this link:

Communication Teaching and Learning Platform





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Special Visitor for Silver Class

Today we had a special visitor in St. Cecilia’s. He even got a little  bit delayed flying through a snowstorm on his way from the North Pole!! A special thanks to his helpers Mary and Breda who created a really special grotto in our school garden. We loved popping into say hello and receiving our gifts.


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December Newsletter

Our December Newsletter is now available.

Newsletter December 20

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Green Schools Update

Green Flas logoThis term the Green schools held a socially distanced meeting in the school hall. We discussed our theme of Global Citizenship and Marine Environments. We also discussed our ongoing energy monitoring, re-visiting our policy on recycling in order to maximise it’s effectiveness and we discussed the possibility of a new bio-diversity garden to the rear of the senior playground.

If any of our school community would like to get involved in any of these projects, please give Paul a ring at school.

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Silver Sounds

We gathered recyclable materials in Silver this week and used them to make different sounds. We enjoyed making quite a racket!!!!

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Mad about Maths!

Students in Red class have been working very hard in maths. We have been busy doing matching activities, sorting items based on colour, shape and size and counting activities using numicon. We have also been really enjoying our sound theme listening and dancing to lots of music and using musical instruments and we even made our own instruments! Very busy all round!! IMG_20201105_115455 IMG_20201117_142252 IMG_20201104_134224 IMG_20201103_115931 IMG_20201111_121749_1 IMG_20201103_115207 IMG_20201112_131242

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Sounds are all around us.

Since returning to school Black class have been extremely busy looking at our new unit of sound. We have been out and about in Sligo identifying the natural sounds around us, in the class room making art through the use of sound, classifying sounds and relating them to our feelings and colours and listening to the different sound that can be made when cooking.


Apart from sound we have also made phone calls to book tables in restaurants, followed instructions in cookery to make some culinary delights, learnt how to identify the key features of a utility bill and the vocabulary around them and identified 2D shapes and their properties.

IMG_5756 IMG_5757IMG_5773

We also had an individual achievement in Black class recently, with a student eating for the first time in school.  We are all so proud of you.


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Sounds good to me!!

We have been having a fantastic time exploring sounds in purple class!

We have listened to music and decided if we wanted to turn the volume up or down during our predictable chart writing. We have also been working really hard on our communication using our project core boards. We have been exploring a variety of musical instruments and exploring the class environment to see if we could find objects that would make sound. We really enjoyed recording the sounds we made and listening back to them. We were excited to discover the multitude of sounds we could make using the same items! We have explored loud and quiet sounds as well as listening to sounds around us while out on our community outings.







































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In The Navy!!

We have been very busy in Navy Class since returning to school. The first term was spent focusing on the theme ‘All About Me’. We did lots of sensory work, body awareness, and dance and movement in PE.

This term we are focusing on the theme of ‘Sounds’. We have explored many different things that make sounds, we have shaken, hit and dropped items to see what sort of sounds they make, we even incorporated sounds into our messy play. We half filled balloons with water, dipped them in paint and dropped them to see what pattern it would leave and what sound it would make. Check out the results. On Tuesdays we have our community outing, and so far we have been very lucky with the weather. This week we went for a lovely walk along the shore of the lake at Doorley Park.IMG_1991IMG_0006

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Sound ideas

This term in Green class we have been exploring different sounds. We have enjoyed making loud and quiet sounds, we have played a range of instruments and we have linked these activities to other curriculum areas such as science and art. We used 2-D shapes to create pictures of snakes and then examined different sounds in order to find one that might suit our snakes. It was a lot of fun. We also used salt on a tray and a speaker with loud music coming through it to demonstrate one of the effects sound can have. Can you guess what happened? The salt jumped and danced on the tray and our students got great fun out of this!MIA IMG_6166 (2) IMG_6152 (1) IMG_6163 (1) blog 4 IMG_6160 blog 2 IMG_6155 blog 1

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Patterns Everywhere!

pattern 5pattern 3pattern 2patternYellow Class have really enjoyed exploring and learning about pattern. We started by copying and continuing patterns, then we had a go at making our own. The most fun was looking at photos of patterns around the school and going on a pattern hunt! We found them all eventually, in the strangest places!

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Making some noise!

In Blue class, we have been exploring and creating different types of sounds. We have been discovering which musical instruments make soft sounds and which make loud sounds. We have been making our own musical instruments, including drums and investigating what happens when we exert different amounts of force on them. We have been making requests to stop and start music.

We enjoyed taking part in our class assembly and watching back our performances!

20201111_140445 20201111_143030 20201110_113649

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