IMG_4342IMG_4892[1]Yellow Class have set up a hair salon in our AISTEAR corner. We have been brushing, spraying, styling and drying. Do call Aoife to make an appointment, price lists available on request!

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Exploring foods in Orange!

We have been very busy exploring a variety of foods in Orange class. Some of us have been eating, tasting, smelling and feeling some foods we have not tried before. We are participating in food dudes and we are all very surprised at how much we are enjoying the different types of fruits and vegetables.We have been using food in our sensory work and even used it for some art. We have visited some shops and looked and felt some healthy and unhealthy foods and made healthy breakfast foods in cookery!

20180208_121732 20180209_105201 20180213_103542 20180221_095319 20180222_122825 20180213_10355220180208_121638

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Munching in Blue Class

20180219_14090820180226_14090420180226_14093120180226_140914Lately we have been very adventurous at tasting, touching, licking and smelling new foods. We are participating in the “food dudes” programme and are enjoying exploring all different fruit and vegetables. Some of us are matching the letters or even writing the names. We have been working hard on the concept of hot and cold and enjoyed some COLD ice cream and HOT custard. We were very surprised when the ice cream started to melt. We all celebrated Lauren’s birthday this term and did very well singing and signing HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

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Level 2 Short Course: Caring for Animals

Navy class have begun our short course for level 2 of the junior cycle this term.  We have adopted a dog called Pixie.  We have learnt to care for her, walk her and made healthy treats for when she came to visit us in class.  We have also taken her to the park for a walk and taken her to the vet to make sure she is healthy.  We had a great time interviewing the vet and learning how to care for Pixie.

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ATP (Action Team Partnership) Update

St. Cecilia’s School have undertaken a new project based upon an initiative developed by Joyce Epstein.  The ATP is a collaboration by the National Parents Council and the IPPN, with the main objective of better outcomes for students, achieved through community working together on agreed activities. We have put together a small committee of teachers, parents and community representatives who have an interest in our school and examined developments and improvements that we can make  together.

Our joint parent/staff initiative to produce an audio book for Christmas was a great success, with it getting in excess of 100 views so far on YouTube – we might consider another for World Book Day in March if we get the interest?

Our targets this term include getting our healthy eating programme up and running.  We will be starting “Food Dudes” after our mid term break and senior students have designed posters to encourage all to bring a healthy snack on “Fruity Fridays”.  The staff and the ATP committee are joining in too.

We have begun to develop our gym to be more functional and are looking for any ideas anyone would like to contribute.  Look out for another update next month!


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Christmas Week


IMG_0433  IMG_0437  IMG_0331 IMG_0375

In the run up to Christmas and holidays we have had a wonderful Music Therapy session with William. They all enjoyed some beautiful Christmas songs on the harp and gave it a go themselves.
We went to see the Crib in the Cathedral and lit a family for all our families and friends followed by a Winter walk in the Peace park.
Wishing you all a most joyful Christmas this year.


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Having a ball!

This term we have been very busy in Orange class. We have been working hard on our primary objectives and one of our pupils is working on a pilot programme for level 1 junior cycle. We have been working hard on listening to a variety of sounds and the locations they are coming from, we have also worked on light and are now working on pushing and pulling in science. We are in full swing working on our Christmas play and even went to see a play (Rudolph) in the Clayton Hotel which we all had a ball at!

20171205_121145 20171205_121155 20171205_12112220171205_131356


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Newsletter – December 2017

Newsletter December 17

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IMG_2423 IMG_2417

It’s that time of year, with the Winter sun promising to break through the clouds, Yellow Class headed off to “Mammy Johnsons” in Strandhill for a well earned ice cream. even in the middle of Winter, a frozen snack was the treat of choice, and I must admit, it was lovely! A treat for a class that have worked very hard all term.

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image image imageIt’s been an exciting term in Pink Class!

We have had the opportunity to work with the artist Kiera O’Tool again. And what fun we have had making art with oil pastels. We have had the opportunity to work on individual pieces of art aswell as working together to create a large collaborative art piece. Now we just need to find a wall big enough to display our AMAZING work …



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Working hard!!

We are delighted to be working on Junior Cycle Level 1 in Green Class this year. We have been getting used to the curriculum and working on our objectives. One of our goals was to engage in cause and effect activities. in the picture you can see one of our students activating the whiteboard!!


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Sensory Fun in Blue Class


This term in Blue Class we have been working really hard. In the afternoons we have enjoyed some sensory activities to help us relax and take a break from our busy schedules. We have become experts at making homemade play dough, writing letters and patterns in shaving foam and exploring different textures such as wet, dry, sticky and lumpy. The Blue Class team have loved all the cleaning up too!!!

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CARA National Inclusion Award – Winner

Congratulations to all of our school community on this award and thank you to everyone whose hard work goes into this achievement every day.

20171130_133107 IMG_8717

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We never stop!!

We have been implementing the pilot level 1 curriculum for the Junior Cycle in Navy class this term, as well as getting all our level 2 work completed.  We have been forming letters and making marks as part of our writing activities, making 3D houses from recycled materials based on our theme of places and subtracted 2 digit numbers. We even found time to celebrate a birthday.

We have also completed a mini enterprise, but you’ll have to wait to check that out on Facebook next week!

IMG_8518 (1)

IMG_8519 IMG_8521 IMG_8533 IMG_8594

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Busy as Bees!

Red class students have been working hard this term . We have been getting to grips with number, exploring the world of colour and enjoying a range of musical activities. We have also had plenty to celebrate this term; we have a new student! Darragh has joined us and we would all like to welcome him to St.Cecilia’s school. We also had a birthday this term; Sam turned seven and we really enjoyed marking the occasion!


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