Wet, wet, wet!!

We have been learning all about water this term in Green Class. That has meant foot spas in the classroom, using water in messy play activities, water themed poems and stories and take a look at our water themed art display. We have also been visiting places around Sligo that have water. We have been to Strandhill, Glencar waterfall, and we have gone for walks by rivers in Carney and Sligo town.


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Newsletter June 18

Newsletter June 18

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Sports Day Success

Pink Class students had a ball taking part in our school sports day last Friday the 15th June 2018. We participated in whole our school athletics events in the morning. After break we cheered on our friends in Purple and Orange class as they competed in our inter school Special Olympics Motor Activities event. And after lunch we had a fab time welcoming St. Josephs School to our senior sports day.
We had to move some of our relay races in to the hall as the weather just wasn’t in our favour!
We had three teams for our senior sports day. Each team had a mix of students from both schools. After some quick icebreakers the teams came up with their own special names. Have a look at our team names …
Team A – Starlights
Team B – Bandits
Team C – Brite Stars

We finished the day with Water based activites in the rain! Ocerall we had a fanstatic, active day with our friends.

The results were as followed
1st place – Brite Stars
2nd place – Bandits
3rd place – Starlights


IMG_6058 IMG_6067 IMG_6064 IMG_6059

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Yellow Class with green fingers!

IMG_5096IMG_5101Yellow Class have been using some recyclables to develop our gardening skills. We made a huge pot by drilling holes in the bottom of a plastic bucket. We planted some tiny mint seedlings, they are not tiny anymore! We also used washed out plastic bags and felt scraps to make mini-IMG_5087IMG_5072IMG_5089greenhouses and put some beans in to sprout…we have had to replant, as our BEANS are now BEANSTALKS! Sounds like a cue for a story?

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L1LPs Launch Croke Park

We  have been privileged to have been a pilot school for the L1LP (Level 1 Learning Programmes) for the new Junior Cycle at Level 1 for this school year.  Congratulations to all the students who took part and we are looking forward to continuing the work.  We had a lovely day for the launch in Croke Park meeting Minister Bruton.

IMG_0244 IMG_0249 IMG_0251 IMG_0264 IMG_0268 IMG_0272 IMG_0278 IMG_0281 (1) IMG_0298 IMG_0300

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Erasmus + Portugal

Janice and Ben recently visited our partner school in Portugal.  We worked on good practice for healthy living through sport.  We paddle boarded, cycled, visited a playground and visited a cathedral at the top of a mountain.  We learnt a lot from our Portuguese partners and are looking forward to meeting everyone again in Riga.

IMG_9876 (1) IMG_9879 (1) IMG_9889 (1) IMG_9898 (1) IMG_9900 (1) IMG_9980

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Teachers Required July Provision

Teachers with experience in Special Education are required from July 2nd – July 27th. Please contact St. Cecilia’s School on 0719177907 or stceciliasschool@eircom.net

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Springing into action!

Red class students are enjoying the last days of winter and we look forward to the spring and all that comes with it. We have been working with our visiting art therapist creating winter landscapes using a variety of materials. We have been preparing for Holy communion, experimenting with a variety of musical instruments and working with Sligo Sports and Recreation partnership to ensure that we keep fit and healthy. Its been a busy term!

1 2 IMG_0192

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Newsletter – March 18

Newsletter March 18

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Pink class Level 1  Junior Cycle students focued on creating sentences in Communication, Language and Literacy this term.

They have been using Colourful Semantics to help structure their sentences. Each student looks at a given photo and chooses

who – doing – what

All students are doing fab work in this are and have progressed well over the past term.

Here are some photos of our progress 🙂





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Pink class presenters !

As part of Junior Cycle L2 Communication and Literacy, Pink class L2LP students presented their very own presentations using PowerPoint this term. Each student chose what the subject of their presentation would be. We had presentations about Pizza, Donncha OCallaghan and Basketball.

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B2B01088-C4DE-4018-B031-AA815B1E2138 BEA5A5B2-97C6-43B1-AB4B-9C1D006AA4959A887E3F-754F-4781-AA1E-67F529F376B5 C4024D61-3E79-490C-8105-0A15F36E49BD

With help they used the internet to find information and make simple sentences from the information gathered. Students then independently typed the sentences onto PowerPoint slides. They each received help animating their slides – all students loved using the animations!

After practicing giving the presentation and using the clicker for 2 weeks – they were ready to present to purple and yellow class.

All students were fantastic, speaking clearly and making eye contact with their audience. They are already planning what topic to do next!

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We have been learning all about food in Green class. We have visited places around Sligo to taste and smell new foods. We have been listening to stories about food, using various food for sensory and messy play and we have been making some fantastic food inspired artwork.


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IMG_4342IMG_4892[1]Yellow Class have set up a hair salon in our AISTEAR corner. We have been brushing, spraying, styling and drying. Do call Aoife to make an appointment, price lists available on request!

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Exploring foods in Orange!

We have been very busy exploring a variety of foods in Orange class. Some of us have been eating, tasting, smelling and feeling some foods we have not tried before. We are participating in food dudes and we are all very surprised at how much we are enjoying the different types of fruits and vegetables.We have been using food in our sensory work and even used it for some art. We have visited some shops and looked and felt some healthy and unhealthy foods and made healthy breakfast foods in cookery!

20180208_121732 20180209_105201 20180213_103542 20180221_095319 20180222_122825 20180213_10355220180208_121638

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Munching in Blue Class

20180219_14090820180226_14090420180226_14093120180226_140914Lately we have been very adventurous at tasting, touching, licking and smelling new foods. We are participating in the “food dudes” programme and are enjoying exploring all different fruit and vegetables. Some of us are matching the letters or even writing the names. We have been working hard on the concept of hot and cold and enjoyed some COLD ice cream and HOT custard. We were very surprised when the ice cream started to melt. We all celebrated Lauren’s birthday this term and did very well singing and signing HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

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