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Rosses_Point_We are very excited about completing our work on the theme of Global Citizenship and Marine environments. Usually at this time of year we at St.Cecilia’s would be planning to conduct our annual beach clean-up, however, due to the current Covid-19 restrictions we are planning to raise awareness of litter and pollution by conducting a clean-up of our wider school environment. We have conducted our survey relating to awareness of marine litter and we have compiled a video for our Green schools assembly. We are also working in conjunction with Coillte and the Action Team Partnership to provide a home for two beautiful Willow tree saplings!

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Teachers and SNAs

Teachers and SNAs required for July Education Programme based in St. Cecilia’s School beginning Monday June 28th 2021
Please contact the principal on to express your interest.

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Newsletter – March 21

Our March Newsletter is now available. Please click on the following link…

Newsletter March 21 


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Runner beans.

Since the start of our new theme “Growing” the students in Black Class have been set the challenge of running a half marathon before the Easter Break. They are completing this challenge by running 1km a day. Since the start the time have been tumbling and the enthusiasm is growing. Not only are we completing this challenge but we have been keeping up our fitness routine by using the indoor rowing machines and started using the battle rope.

Black class have also been measuring and comparing measurement using rulers, tape measures and even a trundle wheel.

In communication and language  the students of Black Class have been following visual sequences to make their own healthy snacks.

We have also enjoyed looking at the signs of spring and creating pieces of art  based on flowering plants.

We look forward to letting you know how we get on with the rest of our running progress.IMG-8935 IMG-8936 IMG-8939 IMG-8942

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Spring into March

IMG_20210302_141459_resized_20210305_083846465Since returning to school we have been super busy in Red class focusing on communication and language and mathematics. We have explored measurements such as capacity and length. We have made great progress with our hand writing without tears programme. Lots of the students worked very hard on this at home over lockdown and have progressed to the next stage of the programme!IMG_20210226_121148_resized_20210305_083848082 IMG_20210301_134004_resized_20210305_083847767 IMG_20210301_134554_resized_20210305_083847096 IMG_20210302_140254_resized_20210305_083846794 IMG_20210226_120730_resized_20210305_083846137

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Letter from Dr. Ronan Glynn to Parents/guardians

Letter from DCMO to schools 260221

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Blue class mixing it!

Before the mid term we made ourselves some lovely pancakes to celebrate Pancake Tuesday! We had fun mixing all the different ingredients and pouring them into different containers to create some yummy pancakes!

We really enjoyed this terms topic of colour and exploring everything colour! We mixed all types of colours together to make new colours and use these colours to make some art! We explored different colours when practicing our handwriting too!

IMG_0754IMG_0868 IMG_0857 IMG_0847 IMG_0869 IMG_0814

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Silver Class Birthday

We had big celebrations in Silver class this week. One of our Silver class girls turned 12. Happy Birthday Lauren!!!! We are so proud of the young lady you are becoming. 20210215_14180420210223_13364020201210_13523720201014_141641
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Special School – Reopening

Dear Parents/guardians,

Our school will reopen fully to all students from Monday next March 1st. Thank you to everybody who worked so hard to ensure that the partial reopening went well and our students were successfully reintegrated into school.  Special thank you to the teachers who supported the children who were in school and at home for the past 3 weeks.  Please ensure that if your child is coming back to school for the first time that a return to school form is completed in advance of returning. If your child has any symptoms please adopt a precautionary approach and follow the public health guidance.

We look forward to seeing all the students back together again.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Kind regards

Éilis Dillon


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Parent information regardind Covid-19 close contacts.

A parents guide to close contacts from the HSE.

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Return to School Feb 2021 – Updated Covid-19 Response Plan

Dear Parents/Guardians, staff members and school community,

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow:
Please see below our updated Covid-19 Response Plan which should be read by every member of the school community in advance of returning to school.
Covid-19-Response-Plan-Updated Feb 2021

C-19 Policy Statement updated Feb 2021

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Supplementary Programme Information – February 2021

Hi Families,
Please find a link below regarding the supplementary programme for students.

Supplementary Programme – Grant Claim Form 04.02.21 _Revised

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Enrolment for new students is taking place

If you wish that your son/daughter come to St. Cecilia’s beginning in September 2021 then it is time to enrol. Please contact the school on 0719177907 or email to talk to the principal Éilis Dillon. The school admission policy and admission statement are linked below.

Admission Statement

Admissions-policy Final 2020


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School Closure

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As you all know the school is closed and our instructions are to switch to remote learning for now.  Please access our remote learning plan on this link:

Communication Teaching and Learning Platform





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Special Visitor for Silver Class

Today we had a special visitor in St. Cecilia’s. He even got a little  bit delayed flying through a snowstorm on his way from the North Pole!! A special thanks to his helpers Mary and Breda who created a really special grotto in our school garden. We loved popping into say hello and receiving our gifts.


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