Buy it, scan it, pack it, enjoy it!

Yellow Class went shopping for fruit and vegetables to make healthy smoothies. Students were tasked with finding, scanning and packing the ingredients we needed. They did an amazing job and were rewarded with a delicious smoothie! Next week we are trying our hand at baking6869C7E1-74AF-4D69-8BF6-0F66530CD273F27D547C-D00C-49FF-B6A5-4DA75A7852E9AC5F10C9-D58B-41BD-B040-7B11AF3D53CAIMG_45001A5FE56A-43B4-4CA1-B6AB-09EDC85C0A014A2072C1-8600-4223-8F78-DD9721865E24 as we make porridge bread.

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Eggciting times

In Blue class, we have been investigating different food groups and the food we have in each of our different meals. We made breakfast with scrambled eggs, toast and orange juice. We used any leftover bread to create wonderful pieces of printed artwork!

We have also been using our fine motor skills to paint, cut out and make paper pizzas!

20200117_141628 20200117_141945 20200117_144318 20200122_114030 20200122_114037

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It’s bean a long time…

We have started our food theme in Black Class by making healthy snacks for the Food and Nutrition element of the Level 1 Personal care and wellbeing area of the Junior Cycle.

We worked on kitchen skills, tastes and using utensils correctly to produce a great healthy snack – home made beans.  I think from the empty bowls that you can guess if we liked it or not!!

3.11 – Use the senses to explore different types of food.

3.12 – Show preferences for foods.

3.14 – Use eating and drinking utensils.

3.15 – Participate in preparing food.

3.17 – Follow safety rules for using kitchen equipment.

3.18 – Participate in making a healthy snack.

IMG_8741 IMG_8743 (1) IMG_8746 IMG_8749 IMG_8752 IMG_8754 IMG_8755 IMG_8756 IMG_8758 IMG_8763

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Newsletter December 2019

As the last newsletter of the decade goes home on Monday, here is a sneaky preview for the blog followers…

Newsletter December 19

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Head over to YouTube to check out our participation in GymAble on the Sligo Sport and Recreation channel.

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The Great Outdoors!!

Last Thursday the 7th of November was international outdoor classroom day. We fully embraced it in Green Class. We had 4th year students from the Outdoor Education course in GMIT in to do some outdoor lessons with us. The weather was great, lovely crisp clear day, and we had a great time planting spider plants.

IMG_5446 IMG_5451IMG_5443

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Clowning Around

This past half term White Class students experienced becoming a clown during our class drama. We read a book that taught us all about how a clown applies their make up and what clothes they wear. After reading all about becoming a clown the students just had to give it a try! Each week a different student dressed up and lead the class in our drama circus. We practiced juggling, throwing buckets of hay, dancing about to circus music, walking a tightrope and even jumping through the ring of fire!! Have a look at our photos to see how much fun we had ????

2102D028-205B-483E-9958-B88341688907 C2CE276F-E547-46F7-9D34-4197AD891358 406B61C0-CFBB-4EA5-BA01-24DF6C612C9E



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Yellow Class have really enjoyed our Art topic  of printing. We finished our topic with a fun activity, printing with a variety of construction blocks on playdough that we rolled out to make a flat surface. We created some great patterns and the effects are fantastic. Have a look!


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Maths Madness!

We had a fantastic maths week. Along with the rest of the school we in purple class worked on something new everyday and had a great time along the way!! We worked on counting skills, number sequence, tangrams, dot to dot, colour by numbers and we even did a maths scavenger hunt where we went around the halls looking for different maths objects and for each one we found we had to do something from making ourselves Big/Small, counting, putting “apples” on a tree, finding shapes and loads more! To finish off the week we had great fun playing maths related games on the yard!!! It was a great week!

20191018_121100 20191018_121420 20191018_121159 20191018_085805 20191017_143546 20191017_142912 20191017_114034 20191016_115545 20191016_115514 20191016_115513 20191016_115242 20191016_115035 20191016_114906 20191016_114839 20191016_114702 20191016_114443 20191015_115251

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Newsletter October 19

Newsletter October 19

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Principal at NABMSE Conference

Éilis our principal is beginning her fifth and last year as Chairperson of NABMSE. Their Conference last week celebrated 50 years of the Organisation and was a great success.
Check out for more information

Below link to Irish Times Article :


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Placement in St. Cecilia’s School

We are getting a increasing number of requests for placement . This is a small school and we have a limited places. Our ethos is that our school is a learning environment for all and we welcome student teachers, students nurses, student SNAs and others. However to be considered you need to telephone the school at least 3 months in advance and make an appointment to meet with either the principal/deputy principal. Garda vetting is an essential requirement and this has to be done through the school. A letter of application briefly explaining why you wish to come to this school will also be required.

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A great start to the year.

So far this year in Pink Class we have been working hard in numeracy on numbers, money and using calculators. We have also narrated a silent picture film about the characters Rock, Paper and Scissors. Pink Class have also enjoyed visiting Sligo Grammar school and learning lots of new skills in football, basketball and dance.





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The people’s choice!

strand picHere in Red class we have welcomed two new additions to our group. We have been joined by Aidan and Nicholas. This term we have been working on our letters, numbers and motor skills. We have made time for some lovely outings and have visited Glencar, Strandhill, homeland (where we saw fish, birds and animals) and we also took a trip to Mr.Price to buy some classroom supplies. It has been a great start to the year and we look forward to more adventures in the coming months.

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P is for People!

We have been super busy in Navy class learning all about ourselves, body parts and people who help us! After discussing body parts through a sensory story, we made self portraits using a variety of tactile materials. We worked hard on sorting activities on the interactive board. We have explored people who help us including; a firefighter, nurse, bus driver and teacher. We even dressed up as some of these people!

Self – awareness –

3.1 Demonstrate an awareness of their own body

3.3 Recognise their own features as being unique to them

dm dmc MK mk mmk oow ow

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