Treemendous Art Work.

Our visual arts L1LP work…5.4 Gather, explore and use 3D materials (new and used) and 5.7 Work collaboratively to produce a piece of art. What a great idea from Red class, and a fantastic art piece.

239E21CB-F325-40AE-9AD7-4147259B696D 0C82C817-0AAD-4D3E-B5A6-74CC6D873582 AC6BCFEB-B8B5-4108-B6A3-308DFC43F76A BBEC2817-F5C6-4172-8CA2-2E08C3DF2CEA 0B5F3D80-7381-4225-B120-85D4BF816BDD 2F8B2A4C-03DE-4376-98E6-21290FADC237

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