We have been busy producing a music video for our Christmas performance.  Pink class went “on location” to Rosses Point with the help of a drone and a green screen to film our play.  We had a fantasic time learning about…

5.21 Explore and react to props, costumes, actions and sensory stimuli in a dramatic context

5.23 Show an awareness of being part of an acting group

5.24 Co-operate or work alongside/in parallel with others in making, choosing and using props, costumes and sets

5.25 Work independently or collaboratively to produce a rehearsed piece of drama for an audience

5.26 Express and/or identify emotions in a dramatic context

Fantasic work everyone…

IMG-1535 IMG-1482 IMG-1480 c1b7e7db-8410-4fee-82e1-78676e17cf33 IMG-1340 IMG-1343

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