Money, Money, Money

B1DA2EC7-1BD9-43E5-B68D-CC875DB055365268793A-E709-4761-95AD-543810657F35 64E96C72-C1E4-47C1-8FCF-022EF9F1341B AA607A47-3074-40D5-8E87-16E8436CCC61 FEC79290-382B-4CF6-992D-6AD006436F10 11115E6A-5141-4A1A-BC1E-67BA1D046EC6White class students have been working on the Level 1 Numeracy Learning Outcome 2.24 Participate in a shopping experience where real money is used functionally.
We made a class shop where each student got to purchase an item needed for our cookery lesson. Students were shown a photo of the item they had to purchase. Students then had to find the item in the class shop, bring then item up to shopkeeper Anne to see how much it cost. Students then handed over the correct coin from €1 or €2 in their wallet.

Students loved the activity and we had lots of fun using the class shop. What made it even more exciting was that we immediately used all the ingredients we purchased to make some yummy foods in cookery.




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