Buy it, scan it, pack it, enjoy it!

Yellow Class went shopping for fruit and vegetables to make healthy smoothies. Students were tasked with finding, scanning and packing the ingredients we needed. They did an amazing job and were rewarded with a delicious smoothie! Next week we are trying our hand at baking6869C7E1-74AF-4D69-8BF6-0F66530CD273F27D547C-D00C-49FF-B6A5-4DA75A7852E9AC5F10C9-D58B-41BD-B040-7B11AF3D53CAIMG_45001A5FE56A-43B4-4CA1-B6AB-09EDC85C0A014A2072C1-8600-4223-8F78-DD9721865E24 as we make porridge bread.

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