Substitute Special Needs Assistants Required

St. Cecilia’s School wishes to set up a panel of substitute special needs assistants who can work at short notice when required. Please contact the school office on 0719177907 for further details. This is an excellent opportunity to get experience in a supportive environment. Applicants must be over 18 and undertake Garda Vetting requirements.

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ATP Woodland Walk

Our ATP have been working on a very exciting project which has started to take off. We are creating a wheelchair accessible nature trail through the woodland near the school. A massive thank you to CJH Construction for their work, support and dedication to this idea. This is only the beginning for this project and there are a lot of people to thank when we continue it’s development in September. Have a look at the video to see our vision.

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Junior Cycle L1LPs

We are very proud of our senior students who received their Junior Cycle L1LP certificates. Congratulations to you and your families and well done on all the hard work.
IMG_8013 IMG_8011 IMG_7994 IMG_7987 IMG_8005 IMG_8007 IMG_7984

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Newsletter June 23

Newsletter June 23

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Summer Adventures

What a fabulous day Yellow Class had at Castle Adventure Farm! We began our day with a visit to the indoor imaginative play area. We explored a mini farm, built a wall and stamped on some jellyfish. Then we met some little animals and explored the playground. We had lunch and a movement break in the softplay centre and finished our day with a train ride around the field! And we celebrated Rory’s birthday in style! A great day out!b9b2cfb0-b201-48e9-801a-3414f23f2c5a







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A Day of Action

A day of action was held at St. Cecilia’s yesterday. A huge thank you to Leo Nicholson and his team for painting, constructing maintaining and improving our environment. Amazing work.
IMG_7531 IMG_7533 IMG_7534

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Bike Week

a4a72038-10c2-4081-8fb3-332d74db4dd2342eac65-b07e-43e8-8a5f-fc10bd5f5c6d 15849b87-4cfa-4d46-b13c-36f2af745e1d 98838dca-1403-4de9-8c7d-f05f4f9f4d3f b0a81daa-e754-4e2e-be61-6340e56fc098 2d82e92e-e19c-41ca-87a9-c0f3e720816c ed9b134f-9869-41c9-ae5f-e3bc04cc7dc3 1547139e-e8e7-4697-b13b-4e28ea89f83c 344d316a-cead-4a9c-b6da-3825edb8bc34 bb8579ee-2d51-40a7-a66b-79b91f72576d f30b8a63-42b3-4f6c-813b-d66decaee364 4d35398c-31a0-4e21-9105-407996322119 244ba7a0-53e8-4b61-b349-ea649cc06da4#bikeweek and #activeschools were a fantastic combination for the students today. Sligo Sport and Recreation Partnership came to school with a selection of bikes to try. We had a great time developing our gross motor skills for PE. Eílis came dressed for business but couldn’t resist a spin on the tandem!
We even got time to reward ourselves with an ice cream. Thank you #Greenschools and #Activeschools



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Active School Flag Week 2023

It’s #activeschools week in St. Cecilia’s. We have walked, danced and visited playgrounds on our community outings and even found time to reach the semi final stage of our boccia tournament. What great active students we have.

511847e8-725e-45d1-b0a4-8f357e780440 3c0f8eb7-4733-40dc-b1a2-7e939e0e8859 0837e1fa-0992-4d88-b040-44999df3a0c0 9abe787d-341c-4e4a-af55-713ab8b95489 12036853-c08d-4adc-831d-c72105d8562b 460a2f05-cf3e-4c92-b182-7e5a4409cb27 09d029b9-72e0-4ad4-9978-e1f174db25a1 8a4e2860-1d4a-4817-a8e1-19e754cfa163 9dde53a8-f9de-4e3b-bcfe-6b30e8a96bd5

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Paddle boarding

IMG_6657IMG_6662IMG_6644Our L1LPs for Physical Education Aquatics were a great hit today. We went to Hazelwood with Outback Jacks surf school. We learnt about

6.26. Explore the effects of water buoyancy on self/others and other objects/floatation devices.

6.23. Explore water in different situations and environments.

6.27. Move through water in different directions forwards, backwards, sideways, jumping, using swimming strokes etc.  Great work everyone.



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Sensory Immersion Drama

We were delighted to welcome Rosán sensory adventures to school to perform their Hear Our Voice camping adventure to the students. This immersive, sensory drama experience lead by the students was nothing short of incredible. Amélie, Phillida, Sorcha and Karina thank you for a wonderful week.

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Science Week

VSLM0960Across St. Cecilias School science was happening and young scientists were busy  all week. Each day there was a science activity or experiment that linked with our SESE curriculum. It was great fun investigating, experimenting, and participating in science!



Monday: Chromatography Experiment: Watching water display the colours in ink.

Tuesday: Planting: seeds in eggshells

Wednesday: Magnets: exploring how magnets attract objects.

Thursday: Light Experiments: watching light refract and reflect a rainbow.

Friday: Garden scavenger hunt: looking for bugs, plants, flowers and planting tools.

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FYGD1918FDPU7638 (2)IMG_1644IMG_1643OTBO2406PLLK2287YIZL4613 GIDH0434 DPOR3574WNHQ3983



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Special Olympics Swimming

We are so proud of our senior students who participated in a #specialolympics swimming event today. Our team did fantastically well bringing home an abundance of medals. Congratulations to all who participated.
b1dff858-1cc6-4d49-9171-dd9a943d5a8b 407f0584-f040-4ed4-8786-0f5576d8d641 IMG_5896 IMG_5888 IMG_5882

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Travel Award Winners

Congratulations to our Green Schools Committee on winning the ‘Special School Sustainable Travel Award’! The students took part in a 20k walk, to be completed in 10 days, that they did as classes or groups to promote the #bigtravelchallenge We really enjoyed our trip to the award ceremony at Dublin Zoo.28680770-f772-4ec2-91db-35bd98b8ffc3 8056816e-668a-41c7-904d-ec4719843199 bf123186-bc81-4103-9c18-3b44ad6120cd

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Groovy Baby!

We have been learning about Drama in school this week. We were delighted to welcome Groove to school, and what a fantastic light and sensory filled drama production they put on!

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St. Mary’s GAA

A massive thanks to @StMarysGAASligo and all the participants for their €5000 donation to the school from their sponsored 24 hour run.


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