July Summer Programme

Dear Parents and guardians,
The Department of Education and Skills have announced three schemes for July. It is our intention to continue with the Health led strand which has been in operation in the school since the middle of April. For parents who wish to proceed with Home Based Support please register your interest on this website.


I can be contacted on 0719177907 or principal@stceciliasschool.ie for further information or any help you may require.

Kind Regards
Éilis Dillon
Roll Number: 19206B

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Middletown Centre

Middletown has a series of webinars coming up over the coming weeks some of which may be of interest to you.




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Admissions Policy

Admissions-policy 27th April 2020 d3

Dear Parents and Staff,

The Minister for Education and Skills has drafted new legislation for all schools on admissions to school which will take effect from October 2020. See above the draft for St. Cecilia’s School. All comments are welcome – you can email me at principal@stceciliasschool.ie or telephone 0719177907

Regards Éilis Dillon

School Principal

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Newsletter – April 2020

Newsletter April 20

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Money, Money, Money

B1DA2EC7-1BD9-43E5-B68D-CC875DB055365268793A-E709-4761-95AD-543810657F35 64E96C72-C1E4-47C1-8FCF-022EF9F1341B AA607A47-3074-40D5-8E87-16E8436CCC61 FEC79290-382B-4CF6-992D-6AD006436F10 11115E6A-5141-4A1A-BC1E-67BA1D046EC6White class students have been working on the Level 1 Numeracy Learning Outcome 2.24 Participate in a shopping experience where real money is used functionally.
We made a class shop where each student got to purchase an item needed for our cookery lesson. Students were shown a photo of the item they had to purchase. Students then had to find the item in the class shop, bring then item up to shopkeeper Anne to see how much it cost. Students then handed over the correct coin from €1 or €2 in their wallet.

Students loved the activity and we had lots of fun using the class shop. What made it even more exciting was that we immediately used all the ingredients we purchased to make some yummy foods in cookery.




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Wednesday 18 March 2020

Dear Parents/guardians,

We are so conscious that this is not an easy time for you as our students love their routine which includes school. All of our teachers are available through Seesaw to communicate with you and offer help and suggestions. You can contact me directly at principal@stceciliasschool.ie if there is something you need.  Keep well.

Kind Regards

Éilis Dillon



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Covid-19 Closure.

Following the DES advice that all schools, colleges and childcare facilities will close until 19 April because of Covid-19, St. Cecilia’s will remain closed until that date. More detailed information and updates will be available via national broadcaster and official HSE website.

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CMO Letter regarding Covid-19

Dear all,
The Department of Education and Skills has received an updated letter for all schools from the Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Health, Dr Tony Holohan, addressing the recent school closure as a result of the confirmed Covid-19 case.

The letter is attached here and is also available on our website below under
the heading, ‘Chief Medical Officer advice for parents and schools.’


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Enrolment Closing Date for 2020-2021

Dear Parents,

Please note that enrolment for the school year 2020-2021  closes  on Friday March 20th @ 3:00pm.   Thank you.

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Food for every day of the week!

Our food theme has kept us extremely busy this term – from visiting a variety of different places to buy food on our community outings to making new food and trying/ exploring/ smelling a variety of new foods we haven’t tried before. We have used food for counting and with learning all our new food words we have been extremely busy!

Reading the very hungry caterpillar was by far our favourite activity this term!

20200121_115501 20200121_115755 20200121_120902 20200121_121022 20200121_121108 20200121_113021 20200121_113027 20200121_114528 20200121_115346

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Born to yoga!


4FF113FB-45A1-4B32-AFFB-18DFCF96FF76 7E901769-7D30-40EB-B3EA-C6BA7D02BC7F 5C716732-D522-4042-AAF4-DAF65FACA7A6 2F410E08-267D-4793-A155-616FA46C7C75 04AA6A10-EB02-4E2A-905A-DA3CF579F245 730BDEF8-5B1D-440E-8036-AC551E95988D AB99B1E2-75A4-4664-8DC8-3416040C46E4 2339B12E-548B-4774-B7DC-0F4863D45090 7B218DEA-731D-493E-8839-6DE270D81CC7White class students have been enjoying their daily yoga sessions over the past few weeks and what progress has been made. We begin each session with a focus on our breathing; we breath in pretending to smell flowers and breath out pretending we are blowing out a candle. This helps everyone to focused and become centred. We then work through our poses starting with those which require the students to be close to the ground which include snake pose, downward dog, and airplane pose. After exerting lots of energy we then rest in child’s pose, listening to music and learning to be still! This is the most difficult few minutes of the session as white class students just love to move!!

It’s then time to stand up for moon, bear and tree pose and finically we finish with butterfly pose. What fun we have had mastering our yoga poses. After half term we are changing things up and starting circuit training – watch this space!



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Food for thought

This term in Red class we have been exploring the world of food. we are working hard on grouping different types of foods, we have been using food as a basis for works of art, and also singing our own food related songs. We have been out and about in the community exploring supermarkets and the wide variety of foods that are available to buy. We have made purchases and used the ingredients to make tasty treats for ourselves!blog feb blog feb 2

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Food glorious food!!



We haIMG_5679ve been learning lots about food this term we have explored many different types of food using our sense of smell touch and taste. We have made stewed apple, some sweet treats and lots of different types of fruit. We have also used lots of food in our messy play activities. In art we have used the theme of food as inspiration for our activities.

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Food Glorious Food!

We loved the theme ‘food’ in Navy class. We have taken part in a variety of numeracy activities, sorting and matching fruit and vegetables. We have also been busy developing our personal care and well-being through food and nutrition lessons. We have made lots of different healthy snacks during cookery. We really enjoyed going on a community outing to buy the ingredients to make healthy banana,blueberry and oat muffins!1580832491350





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Nothing brings us together like good food.

We have really enjoyed our food unit so far in Pink class. We were the first in the school to produce “Fruity Friday” for the students. It was a real honour. 

In cookery we have made several healthy dishes as well as a mixture of smoothies. As part of our Personal Care PLU we have been:

  • Sorting food into the different food groups
  • Identified safe practice for food preparation and storage
  • Demonstrated appropriate food hygiene and safety  

 Finally we even went on a trip to identify which countries our fruits and vegetables come from and looked at how far they have travelled.


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